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Restricted Firearms, Accessories & Techniques at the English Pit Shooting Range

It is our responsibility to ensure the range remains safe for both users of the range and its neighbors. Our range rules, specific to the English Pit, not only describes acceptable behaviors but also restricts the use of certain firearms, accessories and techniques that we feel we cannot safely accommodate. We understand the position of some who would believe the following are perfectly safe, that they should be allowed to use them and that we are unreasonable for not allowing them to do so. To them we will say that we are responsible for the safe operations of this shooting range and are managing the risks.

The following are not allowed at English Pit Shooting Range

Firing From The Hip
OK, face it, you are not Rambo. You do not have a fully automatic belt fed rifle being used at our range. Neither, are you allowed to fire any firearm (handgun, rifle or shotgun) from the hip. The exception to this is if you are part of a training session that has been scheduled (by the instructor through the range) AND is being held on a RESERVED RANGE.

Drawing From A Holster Or Concealment
While you may be skilled at drawing from a holster or from concealment, others on the range may not be. To reduce the risk of an accident we DO NOT allow practicing drawing a firearm from either. The exception to this is if you are part of a training session that has been scheduled (by the instructor through the range) AND its being held on a RESERVED RANGE.

Short Barreled Rifles (SBR)
In 2014, Washington State Firearms laws were amended to allow the ownership, possession and use of Short Barreled Rifles (SBRs). While they are now legal, we are considering the risks. Until otherwise noted, we are NOT ALLOWING SBRs to be brought onto or fired at the range.

Rifles With Folding Stocks
Any rifle with a folding stock must have the stock fully open and locked before being shot. This can be seen as a confusing restriction where the firearm itself is not necessarily banned, just HOW it is fired. The technique is banned.

'Bump Firing' & Trigger Accessories
We do not allow rapid fire. Accessories designed to aid in rapid fire are in direct conflict with this prime range rule. These devices include motorized or other mechanical devices designed to rapidly engage the trigger, 'slide stocks' that use recoil to bump fire (such as the SSAR-15 manufactured by Slide Fire Solutions'), etc.

Rifles With Wrist Braces
Any firearm equipped with a wrist brace that allows the weapon to be strapped to the arm or forearm and fired from that position instead of it being fired with the stock firmly held against the shoulder is not allowed.

AK-47, SKS & AR-15 Pistols
Shooters who have attempted shooting these on our 50 or 100 yd rifle ranges have shown a very poor percentage of hitting the centerfire rifle berms much less their targets.

The amount of noise these rifle cartridges creates causes too many problems for other shooters on the pistol range.

These issues have caused them to not currently be allowed on any range at English Pit. We will re-evaluate this after opening the 25 yd centerfire site-in range.

50 BMG
Because of the amount of noise created when firing a 50 BMG we do not allow their use at our range.

Class III Firearms
Class (or Type) III firearms as defined by the ATF (often referred to as a machine guns, sawed of shotguns, etc.) are not legal to be used in Washington State by the general citizenry. Type III firearms are not allowed.

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